Goanna MakerX Dashboard

Welcome to the Goanna MakerX dashboard. Here you can track Algorand price movements updated in live time by following the Goanna’s expression and location. All of the graphics displayed on this page are dynamic NFTs. You can view them on NFTexplorer here: <insert link> For more information please see the press release regarding the collaboration here. <insert link>

Algo Price:


Latest Block:




ASA: 751856201 Dynamic Goanna 05
ASA: 751856201 Dynamic goanna 06
ASA: 751856201         Dynamic Goanna01

1h price change


ASA: 751856222         Dynamic Goanna02

24h price change


ASA: 751856233         Dynamic Goanna03

7d price change


ASA: 751856244         Dynamic Goanna04

30d price change


ASA: 751856201 Dynamic Goanna 07

The layers within this NFT change dynamically based on Algorand price action according to different time frames.

  • Background represents 30D Price change
  • Vehicle changes based on 7d price change
  • Outfit changes based on 24h price change
  • Expression changes based on 1h price change