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Lizard Lounge

Welcome to all our new collectors.

You are now eligible to join our private groups on both TG and Discord. Follow the invites below. On Discord you’ll need to be verified to access the owners club private channel.

Submit your Goannas Story

As a collector you can now submit the story of your legendary Goanna and have it forever written into the lore of Al Goanna. We will publish your writing with your on the sites collection page. As Goannas change hands and are past from one collector to the next, we imagine their story will evolve. Each new owner will be able to add to the life story, share an anecdote or add further details.

Let your imagination run wild and be inspired to bring to life the character of Al Goanna. To kick this off we are offering 250A for the best Goanna Biography. Biographies must be submitted by the 8th October.

Submit your story along with a name/nickname for your Goanna using the form below.

Merch Store

The Merch Store is back in business. We had some issues with the Algo payment processor and the company still hasnt sorted it… So for now its dirty fiat only.

We’ve created a promo code which you can use to get $30 off your order. So you can grab a free tee or hat. If its over then you just pay the difference. The promo code is limited so don’t take the piss and only use it once.

Promo Code: OWNERSCLUB30