Goanna Staking

As we have dived deeper into the mechanics behind the Goanna Governance program we’ve realized the proposed potential rewards suck….

A shuffle Goanna purchased for 444a would have yielded only 23A (This is based on the best case scenario of 30% apr return over three months)

So in an effort to make it more worthwhile for our collectors we have redesigned the whole concept. The rewards are bigger, better and frankly more exciting while also giving more people a chance to take part…. so lets dive in.


Staking Period

13 OCT




You can opt in to stake your Goaona for 8 weeks at any time between 13 Oct – 5 Dec.

Anyone can stake their Goanna whether they are the primary holder or purchased on the secondary market.

The staking deadline is seven days after the last drop meaning everyone will have a chance to take part.

You will be able to stake your Goanna by opting in and simply holding in your wallet meaning you retain full control and possession of your Goanna at all times.

You may withdraw/unstake your Goanna at any time.

To qualify for the rewards you will also be required to participate in a Governance Vote.


Goanna Governance

Stakers will be required to take part in a governance vote to influence the form Goanna 2.0 takes.

1 Goanna = 1 Egg

Once you have completed your 8 week staking period you will be airdropped a Goanna Egg. Eggs will be associated with your Goanna’s skin (Green, Silver, Gold, Purple, Acid) Each egg will be an NFT that you can hold/sell/trade. Eggs will be redeemable against a future derivative project (Goanna 2.0) expected to hatch in Q1/Q2 2022.

Goanna Super Draw

For each Goanna staked you will also receive a ticket into the Goanna Super no-loss-lottery. The draw will take place approx 8 weeks after the Staking Deadline has closed.

Burn Token

An NFT, that can be sold or redeemed. Burn your Goanna and receive both the charred remains and a unique custom Goanna.

6 x NFTs

6x Goanna NFTs

(3x Green, 1x Silver, 1x Gold, 1x Purple)


Plus loads of merch prizes, hoodies, tees, hats, stickers + more