Goanna Documentation

Goanna Documentation

Al Goanna

The original collection in the Goanna series.

Release and History

The original collection in the Goanna series, Al Goanna featured 489 1/1 NFTs. They were released across 12 weekly drops between Sept-Dec ‘21. The drops were a mixture of different styles, shuffles, reverse auctions, metaverse scavenger hunts so there was no standard mint price. 

If you want to learn more about what the V1 collection achieved then check out /achievements/ we’ve packed a lot into the last year or so and we’re just getting started. 


The collection was released before Algorand NFTs had widespread adoption for metadata standards that allowed on chain rarity scoring. Buyers have given significant value to the rarer skins which has the biggest impact on price. Generally the order of value is as follows:


There are some notable exceptions and the highest recorded sale was for the genesis piece, a plain green Goanna #001 which sold for 111,111A. 

Since the adoption of Arc69 metadata trait information has been added to the collection but we have disabled rarity ranking as it didn’t align with the value the community had assigned to the various pieces within the collection and felt it could be misleading for new buyers. 


The staking period for V1 Goannas has now finished. You can find out more about the various benefits and airdrops that were distributed by exploring our roadmap to V2. Information about the specific utility of eggs, bites, fruit etc is all found under the Mutant V Zombies documentation.

Why buy a Goanna

The original collection commands a premium price amongst Algorand NFT collectors. While the staking rewards are now finished, holders of the original series still enjoy premium level benefits that are not available to other members of the Goanna community. These include increased rights and access within the Goanna DAO, exclusive members only chat as well as giveaways and unique access. We will continue to reward the holders of the original collection into the future in line with our motto that “Diamond hands will always be rewarded.”