The Bank of Goanna is now open!

Near zero percent loans available to V1 holders. Use your NFT as collateral and stay liquid.

Al Goanna

Al Goanna is one of the leading NFT projects on the Algorand blockchain. After two sellĀ  major collections the project is changing the narrative on NFTs and demonstrating that they can be a force for good and drive significant real world impacts. Discover the community achievements and milestones reached so far.

Planting Trees

Algorand’s first dedicated environmental impact fund, The Gilbert Goanna Tree Fund, has contributed to the planting approx 200,000 trees and counting.

Goanna DAO

The Goanna DAO includes some key early Algorand adopters. The goal of the DAO is to build and empower the strongest community on Algorand. With the DAO treasury holding over 222,000A it will be exciting to watch where the community takes this next.

Merch Store

Exclusive merch drops with discount codes available for collectors.

Goanna Run

A blockchain game where anyone can play and Goanna holders can earn prizes and rewards.