Borris Bentner



Back in 2004, Borris was unfortunately looking for a snack amongst things humans consume. It was here that he was accidentally scooped up with a pallet of holloween themed costumes- destined for the the states. It did not take him long to get cozzie and a “bed” was quickly assembled with makeshift materials onboard the “Nordic explorer XXV”
Apon his arrival, he was chased out the comfort of he’s makeshift nest and ordered to get out or face loosing his tail.
“Boston” was the first word he heard when stepping ashore, and he knew then he had found a new home!
It would take years and much hard work, parties and friendships, scuffles and relationships, before he would again be scooped up whilst unfortunately being intoxicated and taken to a wonderful island where they had apparently filmed a big movie about a great white shark.
Borris Bentmer now resides in Martha’s Vineyard and is happily with his partner and litte one Cici…