Naval Legwan



YEAR 2040:

It’s true, in the future Algorand is as big as we always thought it would be – perhaps even grander.

Unfortunately, in the future some things turned out far worse than we anticipated. We knew about the impending climate catastrophe for decades, but in true human fashion, indecision by “leadership” pushed us to 23:59. In a final ditch effort to save humanity, the brightest minds on the planet rushed to spray diamond particles into the upper levels of the atmosphere – effectively blocking out the sun and related greenhouse gasses.

That’s had some negative impacts on our way of living as it compared to 20 years prior. First, we are stuck wearing gas masks because no one wants to risk getting “Diamond Lung”. That particulate has also caused a change in our weather patterns – there are no more sunny days, we just have white sky and grey sky days.

On the bright side, the Al Goanna civilization – that for too long society mocked as “lizard people” – is finally able to stand on the Earth’s surface.