Tony lives in Miami, Florida. He had a cocaine addiction, but after he discovered Algorand, he decided to ditch his “bad” habit. He started using some of his cocaine money to buy Algos. As the time went by, Tony stopped using cocaine completely, and now he puts all of his money into Algos. He so much fell in love with Algorand, that he asked his Grandma (A Jewish Lizard on his mom’s side) to knit him an Algorand Winter Hat – poor Tony had to move to Alaska.

Now Tony enjoys his new happy and healthy life, although there are not too many flies in Alaska, he still can’t beat his flies addiction. Fortunately his Grandpa (A Cuban Lizard on his dad’s side) was able to send him some contraband Cuban flies – it turned out that not even Algorand can beat that Lizard nature.

P.S. Dear Lizards who live in Iceland and Siberia, for all the flies contraband inquiries please contact Tony directly. Please don’t flood his Grandpa’s DMs.

Discord: GeorgeFeb