Stan Stevens



Stan “The Man” Stevens is the star of the hit travel mockumentary TV show “My Dork Dad: International.” He visits stunning locations with his three adopted children who are ever-determined to prank and embarrass their beloved father no matter the circumstances. Yet Stan is famously immune to their torture, obliviously happy-go-lucky and infectiously positive. Jimmy, the cynical goldfish ever-present in Stan’s iconic goggles, is the show’s producer and narrator.

Stan was born in the late 1960s and reached his heyday in the early 1980s. He did a lot of cocaine – a ton of cocaine – and has been sighted alongside Pablo Escobar in a handful of CIA photographs. Rumors are abound to this day about how Stan managed to evade the same grizzly fate as Escobar; Stan and Jimmy have never commented publicly on the controversy.

Stan is currently in talks with a major studio about hosting a new cooking competition reality TV show: “My Dork Dad: Desserts.” Is Stan a one-hit-wonder, or can he break into this exciting new genre? Only time will tell.