Jillian Birdreap



Her form and demeanor a marriage of strength and grace, Jillian was seemingly destined to become a famous ballet dancer. Her teachers swooned at her every plié; her pirouettes stunned a room into awe-laden silence with when she was only ten years old. She grew into a charming, quick-witted, optimistic adolescent, loved by all those knew her.

Until the bird attacked her at an outdoor recital.

Unprovoked, the vicious flamingo perched atop her head mid-spin. The shock of the assault stunned Jillian into uncharacteristic clumsiness, and she fell to the concrete in a hideous pile of twisted, cold-blooded meat. Her limbs twitched, her eyeballs bulged, her tail turned crooked like a run-over coat hanger. She was humiliated, and she would never again be the statuesque ballet dancer. Her dream died that day.

Jillian swore revenge. She honed her physical form in a new way — for raw strength and power. She founded the Goanna chain gang with her brothers and has killed over 150 birds and humans combined. She prefers to eat the birds raw; the humans aren’t worth consuming.