Billy comes from a very exotic place called West Virginia. When he was born, his mother, father, uncle, aunt, cousin, and grandfather were all present during the birth. All 4 of those family members celebrated his arrival into the world with a family tradition: beer, beef, and jesus.

While he was growing up, he enjoyed exotic and ethnic cuisines, such as Taco Bell. Dropping out of school was the best thing that could’ve happened to him as he was now able to spend more time with his passion…hunting. Soon after, he broke away from the family tradition and decided to find love outside of his family. He searched for hours but soon found the special partner he was always looking for…Betsy. Billy and Betsy are always together now and never leave each other’s sight. Betsy likes to wrap herself around Billy’s neck as they go on many adventures together.

There is one family tradition he cannot escape from…which is his love for beer.