Oog was a simple Goanna. He had a nice cave, a beautiful spring all to himself, and a nearly unlimited supply of tasty bugs. However all that changed one day when Oog decided to chomp down on a hallucinogenic caterpillar. Within minutes, Oog began to see beautiful colors and vivid images all around him. Oog’s adventure was just beginning. He climbed into the trees and became friends with the birds. He rode on the back of a rhino and swam with crocodiles. And in a fit of psychedelic fury Oog slew a mighty leopard, donning its skin as his armor. Empowered by the hallucinogenic caterpillar Oog went adventuring, never quite understanding just what he was seeing. After a run in with a group of back alley goannas Oog ended up with a gold tooth, courtesy of a black market dentist who didn’t tell Oog exactly what he’d taken as payment. But the tooth worked, within weeks Oog had found the love of his life, a python he found in a bush. She loved his gold tooth, or at least that was what Oog in his seemingly permanent state of psychedelia believed. Nonetheless Oog and his python returned to their cave and lived happily ever after. Until she slithered away, because she was a snake.