Leguaan the Drunk Tour Guide



Leguaan is the head tour guide of the Algoanna Museum. He’s the most knowledgeable goanna around when it comes to the history and lore of the great Algoanna people. He’s also the most drunk. Tours start at 9am and Leguaan starts drinking at 8:59am sharp. You see unfortunately this knowledge has has come at a great cost. Leguaan is the last goanna alive to have survived the horrors that have since come to be known as “091 Day”. The documents are highly classified and have been sealed away deep in the catacombs of the museum. For if the atrocities were to become public then society would most certainly revert back to burning goanna at the stake to prevent another one. It’s been decades since the event but Leguaan is always watching….waiting. For the day he’ll once again have to face his mortal enemy.

But don’t let that stop you from a great tour! Leguaan will be happy to answer any questions you have. Just try not to mention free candy. Cheers!