So you wanna know what I do? Oh, the usual – I Bowl. Drive around. The occasional acid flashback.
You will always find me in the bowling alley, sipping beers, snacking flies, tearing the lane.

Hate Nihilists and their Croc damn Marmots. Can you believe they came into my house, thinking I was this big-shot millionaire and ruined my fucking rug?! I love that rug, it’s my rug and it really ties the room together.

Anyways… More.. So… My mom cuts my hair, I refuse to let anyone else touch my precious hair. And I look slick as a snake.
Always wanted to be a TV show host, like those dudes Goannan O’Brien, Jimmy Goallon or Goan Stewart. Looks easy enough, all you have to do is stand there, laugh at every guest’s line and pretend you care. That’s what I normally do anyway. Add 5 or 6 cans of beers, a bowling lane and that’s a Monday evening. Or Tuesday, or Wednesday… Any day really.

So if you need a good looking Dude for TV show, you know where I’ll be.
The bowling alley, if that wasn’t clear.

Peace out,