Anansi is a grey goanna living in the depths of the Ozarks. Anansi spends his days near the dock where he sits back and fishes all day and waves to those who are visiting the Ozarks for the first time. When Anansi isn’t fishing, he is working at the local pub where he serves as a bartender. Everyone who lives in the Ozarks knows Anansi for his friendly personality, but more importantly known for his intuition of a good deal and always being stoned. Anansi doesn’t like to flaunt this “alter-ego” however where he goes by Asi. When Asi comes out, there usually is a good story to follow. Asi has just taken an extremely strong edible and is going to a hidden fishing spot in the Ozarks where he will catch his food for the week. Hopefull Asi makes it back safely, but who knows… More to come.