Jorge’s beginning was rough.

He grew up without guidance. His father abandoned him at the age of three (he has an uncanny, cross-eyed resemblance to 091). His mother couldn’t manage, and left him at an orphanage shortly after. While he excelled in academics, he felt empty. Something was missing. There was a void. And, poor Jorge … he filled that void with food.

Jorge was depressed. Notwithstanding graduating as the valedictorian of his high school, he was in a bad place. He was 690.420 lbs. His clothes didn’t fit. His feet were swollen, but missing. When he looked down, he couldn’t see past his belly. His self-esteem was shot. He needed a change.

One fateful afternoon, Jorge saw an advertisement – Goanna National Broadcasting Channel (GNBC) had a new television show and was seeking participants. The show was … “The Biggest Loser.” The show was essentially a competition where overweight Goannas would compete to see which one might lose the most weight.

Obese Goannas from all over the metaverse entered. Jorge, feeling he had nothing to lose, was one such Goanna. The first couple episodes were rough. Jorge was not losing weight as quickly as the others, despite his tremendous effort. Jorge was feeling defeated, yet again. He was fatherless, motherless, obese and alone in the world.

Jorge, getting ready to throw the towel in, took a walk to contemplate his future. That morning, the fog was dense. There was dew on the grass that sprang against his ankles with every step he took. His pants were wet. He was weighed down. Things were not good.

But, Jorge continued, and he came upon an area where the fog had cleared and the dew had dissipated. It was a beautiful forest, with trees abound. The trees were beautiful. Full of life. The trees were breathing fresh oxygen into Jorge’s lungs. He felt alive for the first time. What was this magical place? It was the Al Goanna forest.

This was a man-made forest created by the efforts of a brilliant Australian artist’s social experiment. Jorge felt at peace here. He also had an overwhelming desire to hug the trees. He ran from tree to tree, hugging each one. It was euphoric. Jorge would walk to the Al Goanna forest each morning. And, once he arrived, he would run from tree to tree – hugging each one.

While the euphoria alone was satisfying to Jorge, there were ancillary benefits. You see, all this running caused Jorge to lose weight … and quickly. Jorge quickly found himself passing the biggest loser competitors. Ultimately, Jorge won this competition. Jorge was … the biggest loser.

Jorge, now a sleek 169.420 lbs, started to get his life together. He invented the electric car and a national charging network. He fought in world war 20 and was awarded the medal of honor. He launched an Egyptian tour company that exhibited mummy Goannas. He even launched a company that brings Goanna’s to space.

He attributed all of this to the Al Goanna forest and that brilliant, Australian artist.

Today, Jorge finds himself enjoying the simple life. He is a scratch golfer and a level 2 sommelier. His days are spent at the country club. However, not one to forget his roots, one will find Jorge hugging trees on his morning walks.