Rizkushrask Nagarjun (AKA Rizik)



Rizkushrask Nagarjun (AKA Rizik, AKA Scales, AKA FT [Forked Tongue]) was born in the Jurquk Docks lower district. Son of a dockhand and laundress, Rizik had no formal education and taught himself the basics of figuring by selling cigarettes rolled from the leavings of discarded butts at the docks as a child.

His relationship with his parents was strained. Rizik’s father was a drunk, and his mother addicted to qoto smoke, which eventually led to their death in a tenement fire when a qoto blunt was upended while they were intoxicated.

Their deaths left Rizik orphaned and homeless at 14, which he quickly turned to his advantage by banding other street kids together and developing them into what is today known as The Coil, the largest organized group of child thieves and smugglers in the city’s history.

Of The Coil, Rizik once commented, “we snake & coil through these docks so thick, we’d suffocate you all and cripple the shipping trade of Jurquk before y’were even aware of the coil around your slimy neck.”

His favorite candy is cinnamon fire hearts.