Seamus O'Callahan



Seamus has a checkered past in his native land of Northern Ireland. At a young age in the 1980’s his father passed during an unfortunate automobile incident. Since then Seamus has lived a tumultuous life filled with criminal activity. Despite his unmoved faith, he spent most of his 20s in & out of prison. While incarcerated he formed the supremacist gang “GGG” – Green Goanna Gaels.
On one of his paroles Seamus brought GGG to the streets of Belfast. They ran illicit gambling activities out of makeshift bushes. The games ranged from tree barkjack to rat racing. Their bushes often included mantis brothels where the workers were invasive species. It’s best practice to avoid Seamus or any Greenskin with Balaklavas as they are likely involved with GGG.