Peter is 35 years old. He lives in a nice beach house near Blacks Beach on the beautiful Australian coast. He is a handsome mate who has a lot of friends. As far as he remembers, he was working as a fund manager for one of the largest commodity funds in the world . He made a good amount of money back then down in Sydney. He remembers that he met his beautiful wife on a wild beach party night in Noosa, and he remembers proposing to her that night when they were sitting at the beach glancing at the stars. What confuses Peter is that since waking up, the whole world seems to have changed. He woke up in the middle of the jungle in front of a big house with a big sign saying : GOC hangout. As he enters the bar, he sees one of the ugliest creatures he ever experienced sitting at the bar , staring at him as he enters. The creature smells like having bathed in gasoline. Nobody else seems to be there. Peter has a bad feeling about the situation. He gets his mobile out, takes a picture of the place and the thing, turns around and runs to the door. An evil laughter is the last thing he notices as something grabs him and he feels a crazy pain on his neckā€¦ then darkness.