Born to be decentralized. xGoanna originated in a world without a fully decentralized, transparent, codified and stable form of exchange. Tyrannical lizards controlled the flow of money, and inflated prices to unbearable levels. Goanna’s would wander aimlessly searching for a useful form of exchange to buy goods and services with. xGoanna, a crafty inventor, built the xBacked protocol. The vision xGoanna saw was a clean form of exchange; free from the tyranny of centralized money ruining his world. It would be accessible by any Goanna’s requiring a stable unit of exchange.

Their world became a utopia; Goanna’s traded peacefully, and citizens were prosperous. xGoanna, pleased with the peace and clarity the protocol brought to this world, went in search of the next ecosystem needing the xBacked protocol…. and arrived in the Algorand ecosystem, bringing the xBacked protocol with them.