Born on a remote island, J found himself isolated from society ~ At a young age though this tech savvy lizard was programming computers & helping the local islanders set up e-commerce platforms. Over the years J would become a popular business man & hero for many small businesses. Yet this young lizards heart called out for adventure, as soon as J was of legal age he took off to the West Coast of the USA ~ California.

California… J found himself entangled in the commercial cannabis industry. Using his skills in media & marketing the tech savvy lizard had found a niche that seemed to be quite prosperous ~ However there was a looming evil that would soon end this freelance career… The corporate world of cannabis took over the industry by storm, pushing freelancers out of the way.

At this point J had no choice but to get a job, which he did, yet that wasn’t the lifestyle this lizard was cut out for. The job was short-lived, but quite the experience. Working behind the scenes as the tech guy for lab supply company in silicon valley. While waiting for the bus in San Jose J struck up a conversation with a fellow tech enthusiast, which resulted in a shared cab ride back to the valley that would change J’s life forever.

The person J had shared a cab ride with happened to be an enthusiastic developer for the Algorand blockchain, they were working on this project called “TinyMan” – During the cab ride they gifted J with an official TinyMan hat & some hot tips about the Algorand blockchain. The rest is history.