The Superbowl is the biggest event in US sports and following the success of the World Cup Goanna campaign we thought it appropriate for the Mutants and Zombies to go head to head over Superbowl weekend.

We’ve produced a special set of commemorative NFTs exclusively for the event. Please note these NFTs have been minted with clawback/freeze enabled and will be clawed back and burnt following the event.

2 Teams in the final
Players numbers 0-69

Home and away shirt for each team

Total of 1120 NFTs
*All NFTs are 1/1s

NFT mint price is 30A

100% of primary sales are going to be distributed as prizes to holders. The project is absorbing all costs associated with the event. All Algos are being distributed back into the community. 

World Cup Goanna Trade in "Burn to Earn"

World Cup Goanna NTs can be exchange for Superbowl Goanna at zero cost.

Two World Cup Goannas will need to be exchanged to receive one Superbowl Goanna.

A maximum of 500 Superbowl Goannas will be made available in the “Burn to Earn” program. Any unclaimed NFTs from the “Burn to Earn” program will be made available in the public shuffle increasing the prize pool. 

Free Claim

Holders of any V1 or MvZ NFT with an American football trait, (shirt or jersey) will be able to connect their wallet when the Shuffle goes live and redeem a FREE Superbowl Goanna.

A full list of eligible ASA IDS for the free claim can be viewed here:

How it works?

A coin flip before the game (live in discord) will decide which team (Chiefs or Eagles) is represented by the Mutants and Zombies.

The Prizes will be distributed based on a snapshot at the end of the game.

Prize pool is expected to be approx 18,600A, with an additional 16 NFT prizes (MvZ NFTs)

Hold a SuperBowl Goanna from the winning team to claim a share of the Algo Prize pool.

Hold a SuperBowl Goanna with the jersey number that corresponds to the final score of the winning team (e.g Zombies win wtih score of 69. Hold 1 of 8 Zombie NFTs with the Number 69)

Hold a SuperBowl Goanna with the jersey number that corresponds to the final score of the losing team (e.g Zombies lose wtih score of 12. Hold 1 of 8 Zombie NFTs with the Number 12)

Full details and expected payouts shown here

How to get one!

The burn to earn program opens for 24 hours on Thurs 9 Feb

  • 11pm (London)
  • 6pm (New York)
  • 3pm (LA)

The program will close 24 hours later.

Shuffle drop (No whitelist) Friday 10 Feb

  • Midnight (London)
  • 7pm (New York)
  • 4pm (LA)


Both the Burn to earn program and the Shuffle will take place via Shufl marketplace at